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EP's Stereotyping Exercise


We have all had the experience of being stereotyped. People deal with stereotypes based on the way they appear or sound, where they are from, their age, their politics, or even the car they drive or the music they like.

This exercise invites participants to reflect on the many identities they hold, to share their experiences of being stereotyped, to hear about the experiences of others, and to engage one another with curiosity.

As a result, participants will come to a more complex understanding of their own identities and those of others. They will be less likely to make assumptions and to accept or engage in stereotypes. They will become more aware of the role stereotypes play in their own thinking and in their cultural context.

First designed by Essential Partners co-founder Richard Chasin in 1985, EP's Stereotyping Exercise has been used with permission by communities and organizations around the globe.

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