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Solving polarization where you live, work, worship, and learn

We give people the means to strengthen relationships, deepen belonging, and renew hope in their communities.

  • Through this training, we will have more people in the stream of work that we do and become better equipped with the know-how, skills and techniques. But most important, together we will sow a seed that will germinate and become a source of the antidote to terrorism, fanaticism, bigotry and extremism.

    Imam Sani Isah
  • This wasn’t a policy debate [about guns]. Instead, two people whose backgrounds and views diverged in almost every way possible shared a moment of honesty that struck at the heart of the matter.

    Cricket Fuller, The Christian Science Monitor
    Boston, Massachusetts
  • I learned a lot about myself from others’ perspectives—it was comforting to hear similar values and ideas expressed, yet really eye-opening and intriguing to hear very different philosophies.

    Undergraduate Student
    Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

A Guide to Dialogues About Abortion

For more than 30 years, Essential Partners has been the global leader in dialogue about abortion.

Whether reaching across deep and polarized divides—as in our seminal Pro-Life/Pro-Choice Leader Dialogues—creating space for people to reflect on their own values, or building connections and support around this issue, our new guide offers structures, expert tips, and prompting questions.

Image: Cover of abortion guide, women sitting in dialogue circle with teal wash
Photo: two people hugging

EP in the News: How to tackle political polarization — the researchers trying to bridge divides

“The right framing for a conversation can go a long way. When [John] Sarrouf prepares to facilitate a discussion with a community in conflict, he carefully considers how to initiate the dialogue. For example, ‘if I ask you, “are you for or against gun control?”, you’ve got a polarized conversation right away,’ he says. Instead, he asks participants to tell a story that can help others to understand how they’ve reached their beliefs.”

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