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“You've made this day a special day, by just your being you. There's no person in the whole world like you, and I l… https://t.co/5NpGUgFHy4
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We are so excited to lead "Talking about Guns in America: Two Approaches for Shifting the Conversation" at this yea… https://t.co/wGniilHu2E
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Thrilled to have in the office to learn about our approach to across differences, re… https://t.co/ALhWpFx865
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Sep 16, 2018

Welcoming EP's inaugural class of Fellows, 2018-2019

At the conclusion of this year-long program, the fellows will have a deep grounding in EP's approach to dialogue—a grounding based in theory, practice, supervision/consultation, peer group consultation, and reflections with the Essential Partners staff.


Inspired by their participation in Guns: An American Conversation, journalists Stephen Koff and John Count assembled this document to provide a common touchstone for participants in difficult conversations about gun rights, regulation, and violence in the United States.

Maggie Herzig | John Sarrouf | Field Manual
Maggie Herzig | Field Manual
Corky Becker, PhD | Paper