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3 hours 58 min ago
What 1 thing could we could do to reduce ? asked the participants of “Guns: An American C…
4 hours 28 min ago
Even in these hyper-partisan times, we can have better conversations about our political views. Download EP's free…
7 hours 16 min ago
We brought 15 strangers together for a conversation about in America. The topic is as urgent as it is divisiv…
10 hours 16 min ago
Dialogue on public issues
May 10, 2018 Parisa Parsa

Guns: An American Conversation

The subject of guns in America lends itself to strong emotion and great strife, especially in the face of continued mass shootings. We all wish we could make it stop, but we can’t seem to agree on where to focus. The guns themselves? The troubled souls who carry out these acts of violence?

Dave Joseph, MSW | Field Manual

This "hybrid model" of dialogue offers a faith-based approach to peacebuilding with Christians and Muslims.