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We give people the means to strengthen relationships, deepen belonging, and renew hope in their communities.

  • When there's an element of conflict, oftentimes we gravitate toward debate as a way of contending toward some decision or outcome. Dialogue is a much different proposition. The emphasis of dialogue is in understanding the other person's perspective, making sure they have the opportunity to feel heard.

    Luke Zubrod, Director of Strategic Initiatives
    Chatham Financial, Pennsylvania
  • Dialogue gets more results. It makes decision-making easier. It makes creating participation easier … our greatest organizational impact has been more contributions as well as more effective and efficient meetings.

    Beth Mendoza
    Moraine Park Technical College, Wisconsin
  • I now lead teams with a different language, using different processes, and with a different awareness of team dynamics. [I’ve seen] relationships grow and deepen, unity and commitment remain high, and mutual respect established and fostered.

    Lauren Cobb, Task Force Member
    Glendale Presbyterian Church, California

A Guide to Dialogues About Abortion

For more than 30 years, Essential Partners has been the global leader in dialogue about abortion.

Whether reaching across deep and polarized divides—as in our seminal Pro-Life/Pro-Choice Leader Dialogues—creating space for people to reflect on their own values, or building connections and support around this issue, our new guide offers structures, expert tips, and prompting questions.

Image: Cover of abortion guide, women sitting in dialogue circle with teal wash
Photo: six Pro-Life and Pro-Choice leaders in a dialogue circle

EP in the News: Lessons of Boston’s secret abortion talks

“Leaning in with genuine curiosity about the nuance and complexity underlying polarized abortion rhetoric can open ‘unimaginable ways to move forward,’ says Daniel Pritchard of Essential Partners. The Cambridge, Massachusetts, nonprofit developed the guide and helps create community dialogues on contentious issues such as guns, race, and education.”

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