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We give people the means to strengthen relationships, deepen belonging, and renew hope in their communities.

Our Impact

Fostering Open Dialogue in Evangelical Congregations

“Essential Partners has been indispensable. I thought John was going to briefly review our dialogue designs. Instead, we looked at every question, every situation, for every dialogue. He provided exercises that helped people learn to listen and speak differently and to strip away stereotypes.”

  • I learned to expect the best of my classmates, even when we don’t agree. I can’t write off their opinions anymore, despite our disagreements.

    Undergraduate Student
    Bridgewater College, Virginia
  • We tackled really difficult topics and this helped everyone know each other and understand each person's individual perspective. Over the course of the semester, I became much more comfortable engaging with my classmates—specifically because of the peer dialogue groups.

    Undergraduate Student
    Bridgewater College, Virginia
  • There should be opportunities throughout the [Anglican] Communion for ongoing structured conversations regarding difficult issues. These should engage persons at all levels within and between Provinces and should be guided by agreed covenants similar to those that have assisted our conversations.

    Program Participant
    Anglican Community & Human Sexuality Retreat

Resisting Polarization in an Election Season: A Free Resource

Partisan polarization (Democrats versus Republicans) turns our huge, complicated, diverse democracy into a political sport where everyone has to pick a side and only one side can win. In this four-part, scaffolded, self-paced curriculum, we will help you develop the internal capacities, skills, and confidence you need to become a positive force in conversations around the election where you live, work, worship, and learn.

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Photo: Student protests

News: Blaming faculty when protests erupt ignores how we teach

“In a polarized climate where adherence to one side of an issue can seem to demand the complete rejection of opposing views or the people who hold them, complexity can be an unwelcome reality. University classrooms are precisely the places where students encounter and meet such complex challenges.” 

Jill DeTemple, EP Academic Associate and faculty member at Southern Methodist University, highlights the role that college professors play in fostering open-mindedness and critical thinking in their students in the Dallas Morning News.

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