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Addressing polarization where you live, work, worship, and learn

We give people the means to strengthen relationships, deepen belonging, and renew hope in their communities.

  • I learned that I can build relationships, that I can be connected to anybody who I want to be connected to, no matter how difficult it is

    Romeo McCauley, Project Partner
  • I ran for my local school board in 2018 and was elected. I use the skills in our meetings, whether I’m chairing the meeting or not. This makes the meetings much more productive. We don’t go over the same topics over and over again.

    Misty Stoll, School Board Trustee
  • The thing that always feels like magic to me—and I’ve used it in several meetings that I’ve had since—is how the practitioners start by setting out pacts or agreements.

    Kate Cell
    Union of Concerned Scientists, Massachusetts

Five Weeks of Dialogue: An Essential Email Series

This five-week email series is designed to supercharge your efforts to reduce polarization, bridge divides, and change the way people engage differences of identities, values, and perspectives. Whether you're thinking about large-scale projects or looking for small, simple, everyday tools to foster healthier relationships, you'll be able to use these skills and resources where you live, work, worship, and learn.

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EP in the News: How to tackle political polarization — the researchers trying to bridge divides

“The right framing for a conversation can go a long way. When [John] Sarrouf prepares to facilitate a discussion with a community in conflict, he carefully considers how to initiate the dialogue. For example, ‘if I ask you, “are you for or against gun control?”, you’ve got a polarized conversation right away,’ he says. Instead, he asks participants to tell a story that can help others to understand how they’ve reached their beliefs.”

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