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Building the relationships that make change possible.

We give people the means to strengthen relationships, deepen belonging, and renew hope in their communities.

Our Impact

Photo: EP's John Sarrouf pointing toward projection (credit Buck Butler)
Addressing Racism and Crafting Values with Sewanee, University of the South

“Where other campuses have really struggled with this complex issue, dialogue really shifted the conversation about representation, power, and history into a new space, allowing it to move forward in a productive and ultimately transformative way.”

  • I feel more comfortable participating in class and less defensive when other students disagree. And because I learned more from my fellow students about their views, I now feel less competitive with them than in other classes.

    Undergraduate Student
    Bridgewater College, Virginia
  • As a former rebel, I really believe that if we had known about dialogue, perhaps we would not have had a civil war.

    Windor Dorko
  • The past few years in our country have been the most divisive and alienating in my lifetime, which can be a tremendous challenge in the classroom that aims for community, shared experience, and listening with empathy to opinions that are different from one's own. The Essential Partners workshop I attended provided invaluable tools to meet the challenges of teaching today. It helped me reimagine the classroom as a place to help students learn the essential tools of living and learning in community and interconnection, skills that are necessary in every single area of life. I have no doubt that my teaching has been dramatically reshaped in light of my introduction to structured dialogue and I feel like I have so much more to offer my students because of that.

    Amy Cottrill, Birmingham-Southern College
    Birmingham, AL

A Guide to Dialogues About Abortion

For more than 30 years, Essential Partners has been the global leader in dialogue about abortion.

Whether reaching across deep and polarized divides—as in our seminal Pro-Life/Pro-Choice Leader Dialogues—creating space for people to reflect on their own values, or building connections and support around this issue, our new guide offers structures, expert tips, and prompting questions.

Image: Cover of abortion guide, women sitting in dialogue circle with teal wash
Photo: six Pro-Life and Pro-Choice leaders in a dialogue circle

EP in the News: Lessons of Boston’s secret abortion talks

“Leaning in with genuine curiosity about the nuance and complexity underlying polarized abortion rhetoric can open ‘unimaginable ways to move forward,’ says Daniel Pritchard of Essential Partners. The Cambridge, Massachusetts, nonprofit developed the guide and helps create community dialogues on contentious issues such as guns, race, and education.”

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