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Build a community strengthened by differences, connected by trust.

We partner with communities and organizations around the globe, equipping them to navigate the values, beliefs, and identities that are essential to them.

Our Impact

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Fostering Campus Resilience with the University of Scranton

"Facilitated dialogue creates a classroom atmosphere in which exploring uncomfortable issues and asking difficult questions is an expected part of the process, and it allows students space to engage each other without fear of the vitriol common in our public discourse."

  • This is a new idea, so many people speaking from their hearts. People can come together...if people can understand, they can change their hearts; then this can bring about more change.

    Program Participant
    Interfaith Mediation Centre, Nigeria
  • It’s nice to talk about things that we encounter all the time but rarely get talked about. This made me hopeful that there are people who are willing to talk about serious issues.

    Undergraduate Student
    Dartmouth College, New Hampshire
  • I learned a lot about myself from others’ perspectives—it was comforting to hear similar values and ideas expressed, yet really eye-opening and intriguing to hear very different philosophies.

    Undergraduate Student
    Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

Race in America: A Free Dialogue Guide from Essential Partners

This free guide draws on decades of experience engaging with communities, schools, faith institutions, and organizations as they wrestle with issues of race. It is designed for anyone who hopes to have deeper, more open, inclusive, and transformative conversations about race and racism in their community.

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Image: Liberty Bell. Graphic

EP in the News: How we heal after a contentious election

If we’ve divided ourselves in half, which statistically we sort of have, and tomorrow we stay in these camps, as a country, we’re only half of ourselves, and we are missing the richness of each other, of our regional diversity, our religious diversity, our ethnic diversity,” says EP co-Executive Director John Sarrouf.

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