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Build a community strengthened by differences, connected by trust.

We partner with communities and organizations around the globe, equipping them to navigate the values, beliefs, and identities that are essential to them.

Our Impact

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Dialogue Catalyzes a New School in Ohio

The city of Oberlin, Ohio, faced a daunting municipal challenge: deciding whether to renovate four dilapidated school buildings, or to replace them with a single, modern edifice.

  • This has been quite different from other discussions in Liberia about peace. While many processes have been about how to reform ex-combatants, this was about how we may hold our own views but live together peacefully.

    Matthew Sandikie, Project Partner
  • There’s a real difference to people who are coming to meetings. They say, wow this is so different. They all said how people were more on the ball, more congenial. Now people see growing the economy as a way to unify the receiving community and immigrant communities.

    Peter Cooke, Immigration Dialogue Participant
    New Hampshire
  • The most significant thing for me was learning how to ask for more information rather than trying to persuade a person to think differently. I also learned helpful dialogue tips, which are more effective during difficult conversations. If I encounter a difficult dialogue with any of my residents, I plan on using the techniques I learned in this workshop to facilitate those talks.

    Undergraduate Student
    Northeastern University, MA

How do we stop social distancing from becoming social isolation?

Join us for 3 free weekly dialogues to build compassion and connection in this moment of deep alienation.

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Op/Ed: In a Polarized World, Dialogue is a Radical Act

“Critics fail to grasp what is in fact the difficult and countercultural nature of nonviolent communication.” Julie Schumacher Cohen, Director of Community and Government Relations at The University of Scranton, writes about her experience fostering a campus culture of open, inclusive dialogue with Essential Partners.

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