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“One of our mantras at Essential Partners is that is an act of courage. It is our honor to stand alongsi… https://t.co/eZuuIjYKLL
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Want to lead dialogue about divisive issues in your classroom, congregation, city hall, or company? Sign up for our… https://t.co/yJubQptRKh
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Watch our own , Director of Program Operations, give a talk on communication design!… https://t.co/guf5neuRZI
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RT : What does it take to have a productive ? Ask us. I’ll be co-hosting a with https://t.co/WNx5jUDJNr
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Dialogue on public issues
Jun 25, 2018 John Sarrouf

Race, Religion, and Ethnic Diversity in Columbia, MD

Urged on by their member of congress and state delegates, a group of six faith leaders in Howard County, Maryland contacted Essential Partners to support a series of dialogues about Race, Faith, and Ethnic Diversity.


Inspired by their participation in Guns: An American Conversation, journalists Stephen Koff and John Count assembled this document to provide a common touchstone for participants in difficult conversations about gun rights, regulation, and violence in the United States.

Maggie Herzig | John Sarrouf | Field Manual
Maggie Herzig | Field Manual
Corky Becker, PhD | Paper