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Build a community strengthened by differences, connected by trust.

Build a community where your differences of identities, values, and perspectives become your greatest strength.

Our Impact

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Building Community in the Age of COVID-19 Social Distancing

“I always say that community is an act of courage,” says EP co-Executive Director John Sarrouf. “That has never been truer than it is now. I am humbled by the courage of so many, both near and far, who have embarked on the hard work of community. It’s a privilege to support them.”

  • Together, we married our ideas to create a dialogue model that took into consideration our young people’s particular needs, and our culture.

    Belle Abaya
    The Conflict Resolution Group Foundation, Philippines
  • I cannot possibly walk out of this experience and help being a different person. I feel that my own experience has been life-changing.

    Member of the Congregation
    Glendale Presbyterian, California
  • Photo: Louise O’Kane, Community Places, Northern Ireland

    [Essential Partners’] technique is used to explore contentious or divisive issues. So looking at renewable energy we thought this was an ideal opportunity to explore all the complexities of that issue. I found it a really useful method, and although this is the first time we’ve used it I am sure we’ll be using it again.

    Louise O’Kane, Community Places
    Northern Ireland, UK

Monuments, Mascots, and Naming: A Guide to Conversations About Community & Memory

Is a monument an object of history or is it a statement of values? Are we celebrating the people depicted or only marking their significance? Does a school name tell us something about its vision for the future? Can mascots perpetuate prejudice even as they bridge generations? Who gets to decide what we create, what we keep, and what we change?

Monuments, Mascots, and Naming: A Guide to Conversations About Community & Memory is designed to help you, your institution, and your community explore these questions together.

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Photo: Frequently banned book with post-it reading banned

EP in the News: Let’s Build Trust Instead of Banning Books

“As someone who has spent more than 20 years teaching about religion to college students,” writes EP Academic Associate Jill DeTemple, a faculty member at Southern Methodist University, “I have seen the possibility and power of conversations that move from stuck talking points that reinforce entrenched positions to new exchanges that invite deep reflection and curiosity about others’ experiences.”

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