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We give people the means to strengthen relationships, deepen belonging, and renew hope in their communities.

Our Impact

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Building Community in the Age of COVID-19 Social Distancing

“I always say that community is an act of courage,” says EP co-Executive Director John Sarrouf. “That has never been truer than it is now. I am humbled by the courage of so many, both near and far, who have embarked on the hard work of community. It’s a privilege to support them.”

  • While our differences remain, the relationships between us have been strengthened and deepened. We have gained in mutual respect, affection, and appreciation of one another as followers of Jesus and fellow-bishops.

    Program Participant
    Anglican Community & Human Sexuality Retreat
  • EP's approach allows all the students in the room to speak and be heard, to think about different perspectives on the issue without getting into arguments or fights.

    Secondary School Teacher
    San Diego, CA
  • This is a new idea, so many people speaking from their hearts. People can come together...if people can understand, they can change their hearts; then this can bring about more change.

    Program Participant
    Interfaith Mediation Centre, Nigeria

A Guide to Dialogues About Abortion

For more than 30 years, Essential Partners has been the global leader in dialogue about abortion.

Whether reaching across deep and polarized divides—as in our seminal Pro-Life/Pro-Choice Leader Dialogues—creating space for people to reflect on their own values, or building connections and support around this issue, our new guide offers structures, expert tips, and prompting questions.

Image: Cover of abortion guide, women sitting in dialogue circle with teal wash
Photo: six Pro-Life and Pro-Choice leaders in a dialogue circle

EP in the News: Lessons of Boston’s secret abortion talks

“Leaning in with genuine curiosity about the nuance and complexity underlying polarized abortion rhetoric can open ‘unimaginable ways to move forward,’ says Daniel Pritchard of Essential Partners. The Cambridge, Massachusetts, nonprofit developed the guide and helps create community dialogues on contentious issues such as guns, race, and education.”

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