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Build a community strengthened by differences, connected by trust.

Build a community where your differences of identities, values, and perspectives become your greatest strength.

Our Impact

Photo: Police car stopping vehicle
Building Trust Between Police and the Black Community in North Carolina

“As a black mother I participated because I want to save my son from harm, and I feared for our safety. I no longer have that fear—just a belief that my community is stronger.”

  • The professor was able to engage every student. She encouraged them to present new ideas. Dialogue helped create an environment that really deepened the understanding of the material.

    Undergraduate Student
    Southern Methodist University, Texas
  • We get more requests [for campus dialogue] than we could ever respond to.… I’m proud that our work on campus is actually kind of unusual, because it doesn’t support just one population. It supports everyone—students, staff, faculty, graduate students. I don’t know if there are other University of Colorado projects going on that hit all of our campus population.

    Karen Ramirez, Director of the CU Engage Program
    University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Dialogue challenged us to think more deeply about the class topics. Talking about our own thoughts and experiences in relation to the topic also challenged us to think about our own views and articulate them more clearly.

    Undergraduate Student
    Gordon College, Massachusetts

Race in America: A Free Dialogue Guide from Essential Partners

This free guide draws on decades of experience engaging with communities, schools, faith institutions, and organizations as they wrestle with issues of race. It is designed for anyone who hopes to have deeper, more open, inclusive, and transformative conversations about race and racism in their community.

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Photo: Students in dialogue workshop

EP in the News: Revving up the ‘curiosity engine’ in inclusive class discussions

“Dialogue shifts the focus from the teacher as the source of all information to the students as the co-creators of ideas, conversation and curiosity,” John Sarrouf tells District Administration. “And the moment you know that it’s working is when a student turns toward another to ask a genuinely curious question to understand more about what the other student has said.”

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