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Corporate Sponsorships

Your corporate sponsorship helps communities live and work better together by building trust and understanding across differences. Corporate sponsors make it possible to equip peacemakers and community-builders across the globe with EP's proven approach to dialogue.

Empowered by the tools, training, and support your sponsorship makes possible, everyday people can transform their neighborhoods and schools, workplaces and houses of faith—making them open, inclusive, and welcoming spaces for all.

Find out more about how we work as well as who we work with, or browse our impact stories for real-world examples of our work and its outcomes.

Sponsorship Impact & Opportunities

We envision a world of thriving communities strengthened by difference, connected by trust. Sponsorships make that vision a reality.

Unrestricted sponsorships support our entire mission. These sponsorships will sustain collaborations with under-resourced communities as well as funding workshop scholarships, free public resources and guides, continued support for our global Community of Practice, and much more. 

Gifts that support our entire mission provide the most significant impact per dollar. They give us the dexterity to respond quickly to emerging needs and crises—such as our pivot to support educators and the healthcare community since the beginning of the pandemic.

Corporate sponsors can choose to support specific high-impact, high-need sectors as well. These are under-resourced institutions and communities where the potential to advance EP's mission is greatest, including:

  • Public secondary and middle schools
  • Faith institutions
  • Civic and grassroots projects

These three areas have been identified by our research partners at Inspire, a nonprofit consulting agency, as sectors where the potential impact is high but the resources and capacities are limited. Many public schools, for example, face revenue shortfalls due to the pandemic, but working with the next generation of leaders can have deep and lasting impacts.

Not sure where to begin? Reach out to Daniel E Pritchard, Director of Strategic Communications, to schedule a conversation.

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Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsors are more than donors or benefactors, they are our partners. We work closely with each of our sponsors to find the right balance of co-branding opportunities, messaging campaigns, and ways to get your employees involved.

Corporate sponsors benefits include:

  • The right to include Essential Partners logo on print materials and your corporate website
  • Invitations for employees to EP events, workshops, and special receptions
  • Special recognition on the Essential Partners website
  • Collaboration on select marketing and messaging campaigns
  • Opportunities to co-brand select publications and reports

Want to learn more about the benefits of becoming a sponsor? Reach out to Daniel E Pritchard, Director of Strategic Communications, to schedule a conversation.

  • In these divisive times, Essential Partners has given my local YMCA and now the national YMCA a means to build bridges through dialogue, re-establishing foundations for constructive change to occur.

    Janele Nelson, Mission Director
    YMCA of Pierce & Kitsap Counties (WA)
  • One of the things that we talked about was the ability to hear another person’s point of view, even if our minds aren’t changed. We have to remember that any sort of movement is movement. If we don’t acknowledge small movement, then we just stay on two different sides, and it’s all black and white, and we don’t hear each other.

    Anjali Bal, Associate Professor of Marketing
    Babson College, MA
  • This is the best adult learning experience I have had in the past five years. I wanted to learn new skills—I did!

    Program Participant
  • “The Dialogic Classroom is by far and away the most skillful and thoughtful professional development I have had in years as an educator.”

    Dr. Brooke Vuckovic, Clinical Professor of Leadership
    Kellogg School of Management

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