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One-Day Professional Development Teacher Training

Photo: Students listening to educator in classroom

“Essential Partners’ Dialogic Classroom framework is the teaching tool that’s going to help me prepare my at-risk students to become successful adults.”

Catherine Anderson, High School Teacher


This one-day professional development workshop will equip middle and high school educators with multiple frameworks that develop crucial listening, reflection, discussion, and inquiry skills in their students. 

Aligned with trauma-informed practices, EP’s Dialogic Classroom approach targets key social and emotional learning goals, improves students’ sense of belonging, and has a positive impact on overall academic performance.

As schools seek transformative opportunities for student development, leadership, and collaboration, EP’s approach will mature students’ ability to engage in discussions of complex topics and across differences of perspectives, identities, and experiences. It is especially powerful in contexts where students are learning to navigate polarizing issues—such as the upcoming Presidential election—with curiosity and compassion.

Participating educators will also receive a ten-lesson-plan curriculum that they will be equipped to deploy immediately, and put what they just learned into practice. They also gain membership in EP’s Community of Practice, which provides access to skill-building webinars, monthly coaching sessions, peer learning opportunities, as well as exclusive exercises and lesson plans.

Training Objectives

  • To acquire the Purpose / Prevention / Promotion framework for design
  • To learn about the SCARF framework for more intentional and trauma-informed classroom engagements and student programs
  • To differentiate the purposes, risks, and outcomes for debate, discussion, and dialogue as formats for conversations across in the classroom
  • To learn the Constructive Cycle framework and practice exercises for the classroom to develop the skills of inquiry, reflection, and listening
  • To feel equipped to invite and inspire constructive conversations with and among students around complex, sensitive, or divisive topics

Available in person or virtually, this workshop is highly interactive. Our expert trainer(s) will introduce the theory and research that inform the frameworks, but the majority of the training will comprise activities that educators can adapt for their own classrooms. 

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