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Expert Facilitation

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“Essential Partners does the best work in the field of dialogue and communication.”

Bob Bordone

Founder, Harvard Law School Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program

Drawing on three decades of experience, Essential Partners is uniquely qualified to facilitate challenging conversations within nonprofits, foundations, and corporations. Our expert practitioners have led dialogue across the world's most polarizing differences, transforming conflicts into relationships of trust, resilience, and cohesion.

Based on a process of mapping and diagnosis to design a dialogue that meets the needs your circumstances and history, our expert facilitators can lead conversations to support:

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives
  • Strategic planning processes
  • Repairing institutional trust after a traumatic event
  • Organizational culture change
  • Leadership reflection sessions to navigate difficult moments or conversations
  • Working groups to respond to internally driven needs
  • Mergers, acquisitions, and change management

The outcomes of EP’s dialogue process are well-documented. Participants feel more heard and understood. They come to a new understanding of people with different beliefs and identities. They feel a renewed sense of community, connection, and commitment to their shared future.

Direct facilitation might be appropriate for strategic planning processes, organizational change scenarios (such as mergers and restructuring), as well as helping your team navigate a sensitive political or social issue.

Don't let a complex conversation derail your organization. Reach out for a free thirty-minute consultation.