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Headshot of Parisa Parsa, Executive DirectorFALL 2017 UPDATE FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR

While 2017 has brought deep uncertainty, fear, and division, we’ve been hard at work helping people connect with each other against the tidal forces of ideological polarization. In these times, we need relationships to navigate conflict together. We need to be curious with neighbors we don’t understand. We need the courage to be in community. We need to talk. 

Essential Partners is proud to offer our resources to people desperate for deep talk rather than cheap talk. Over the past year we’ve reached 4000+ individuals through projects, trainings, and workshops aimed at building skills for constructive, civil conversations. Through 75 projects we’ve served 44 communities in 16 US states and 4 countries around the world. Our work has ranged from co-facilitating workshops with student journalists to framing conversations about racial tensions in North Carolina to launching our new, state-level Civic Engagement Incubators initiative in Utah and Ohio, in which we train local leaders to be permanent, resident facilitators in their communities, ready for action when tensions flare.

The resources we offer are needed now more than ever. We are committed to making them more available to communities across our country and the world, but we can’t do it without your support.


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