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The Share Our Organization Toolkit: A 5-Step Guide to Catalyze Organizational Change


Co-created by Essential Partners and the Share Our America team at 92NY’s Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact, the new Share Our Organization Toolkit can help your organization leverage differences of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to meet goals, set policy, and build a culture of collaboration, innovation, and belonging.​​​​​

In mission-driven nonprofits and multinational corporations alike, teams that share a foundation of trust, mutual understanding, and authentic relationships can unlock their innate creativity, persevere through difficult moments, and foster an ethic of communication and collaboration.

With EP’s research-based Reflective Structured Dialogue framework as the centerpiece, the Share Our Organization Toolkit provides a clear 5-step process to: 

  • Organize and lead employee engagements using EP’s RSD framework, proven to build trust, understanding, and relationships across differences
  • Successfully navigate challenging, necessary discussions about an important or divisive political issue, organizational policy, or strategy
  • Encourage an internal culture of healthy communication, resilience, and belonging
  • Support employee engagement and organizational development efforts
  • Bolster diversity, inclusion, and belonging priorities or programs running parallel to this intervention

Since 1989, Reflective Structured Dialogue has been used around the globe to help people navigate their differences and repair broken relationships—even across uncompromising divides. RSD can set the stage for organizational change processes, boost culture initiatives, elevate unheard voices, make space to discuss internal tensions or gather ideas toward a new strategy with maximum buy-in.

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Daniel Pritchard

92NY’s Belfer Center for Innovation & Social Impact