People in conversation

A First-Draft Conversation About the Election


This resource represents the first week of EP's post-election support series.

This exercise will help you have a first-draft conversation about the election with someone you feel comfortable with—a close friend, family member, or confidant.


When you begin having conversations about topics where the stakes feel high—especially following a stressful event or challenge—they are often raw, emotional, and messy. Let’s get that first draft out of your system.

Your partner in this conversation should be someone with whom you’ll feel no temptation to change their mind—someone you trust, who will listen to you with generosity, empathy, and the best of intentions.

This exercise will help you feel more confident and competent when you enter into a dialogue with people you don’t know as well, or whose views and values differ from your own. We also hope it helps you feel heard and understood, so that you feel energized to offer others the same gift.


We have designed this week’s exercise for one-on-one conversations. You’ll need time and space to reach a level of depth that only comes with patience. Start slow. Make sure both people have an opportunity to talk about what matters most.


John Sarrouf
Katie Hyten