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White Ally Dialogue Script


Sewanee, The University of the South

Amidst some difficult and public incidents of racism in the larger community, two white student dialogue ambassadors from Sewanee, University of the South took action to heal, connect, and empower.

These student ambassadors heard from other white students who weren’t sure how to engage as allies, or how to begin building a more inclusive community. Their peers felt nervous asking questions, anxious that they might cause more harm through missteps—and therefore chose to avoid talking about race altogether.

The students led three dialogues on white allyship with 80 students, faculty, and staff. Meyer, the students, and several campus stakeholders co-designed a dialogue that helped those gathered talk, openly and honestly, about the experience of making mistakes and participating in structures of racism. They reflected on what they might need to learn from missteps, avoid causing harm, and ultimately advance the goal of a genuinely inclusive community.

This script was designed by the student and staff leaders of Sewanee's Dialogue Across Difference Program. We are grateful to be able to share it with our community as a model, a starting point, and inspiration.

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