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Build a community strengthened by differences, connected by trust.

We partner with communities and organizations around the globe, equipping them to navigate the values, beliefs, and identities that are essential to them.

  • We get more requests [for campus dialogue] than we could ever respond to.… I’m proud that our work on campus is actually kind of unusual, because it doesn’t support just one population. It supports everyone—students, staff, faculty, graduate students. I don’t know if there are other University of Colorado projects going on that hit all of our campus population.

    Karen Ramirez, Director of the CU Engage Program
    University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Here safe space was created for pastors and church leaders to wrestle with topics like evolution which are all too often “off limits” or believed to be antagonistic to the faith.

    Megan DeFranza
    Gordon College, Massachusetts
  • It’s amazing how closely we can work together on certain projects and never know what about our faith motivates our work. This work deepened my appreciation for everyone who was there; hearing everyone's stories helped me to appreciate them more and the depth of their convictions, even when they’re convictions I don’t share.

    Paul Schupe, Hancock United Church of Christ
    Lexington, Massachusetts

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Essential Partners teaches people how to build strong community bonds across differences of values, beliefs, and identities.

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Op/Ed: In a Polarized World, Dialogue is a Radical Act

“Critics fail to grasp what is in fact the difficult and countercultural nature of nonviolent communication.” Julie Schumacher Cohen, Director of Community and Government Relations at The University of Scranton, writes about her experience fostering a campus culture of open, inclusive dialogue with Essential Partners.

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