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Build a community where your differences of identities, values, and perspectives become your greatest strength.

Our Impact

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Dialogue Catalyzes a New School in Ohio

The city of Oberlin, Ohio, faced a daunting municipal challenge: deciding whether to renovate four dilapidated school buildings, or to replace them with a single, modern edifice.

  • I learned that through productive dialogue, you can make relationships and friendships with people through talking about your differences and similarities.

    High School Student
    Newburyport, MA
  • One of the things that we talked about was the ability to hear another person’s point of view, even if our minds aren’t changed. We have to remember that any sort of movement is movement. If we don’t acknowledge small movement, then we just stay on two different sides, and it’s all black and white, and we don’t hear each other.

    Anjali Bal, Associate Professor of Marketing
    Babson College, MA
  • This is a different tool for engagement. It’s not about you, it’s about others. It involves the art of listening and sincerely talking from the heart

    Program Participant
    Interfaith Mediation Centre, Nigeria

Monuments, Mascots, and Naming: A Guide to Conversations About Community & Memory

Is a monument an object of history or is it a statement of values? Are we celebrating the people depicted or only marking their significance? Does a school name tell us something about its vision for the future? Can mascots perpetuate prejudice even as they bridge generations? Who gets to decide what we create, what we keep, and what we change?

Monuments, Mascots, and Naming: A Guide to Conversations About Community & Memory is designed to help you, your institution, and your community explore these questions together.

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Photo: Frequently banned book with post-it reading banned

EP in the News: Let’s Build Trust Instead of Banning Books

“As someone who has spent more than 20 years teaching about religion to college students,” writes EP Academic Associate Jill DeTemple, a faculty member at Southern Methodist University, “I have seen the possibility and power of conversations that move from stuck talking points that reinforce entrenched positions to new exchanges that invite deep reflection and curiosity about others’ experiences.”

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