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Build a community strengthened by differences, connected by trust.

Build a community where your differences of identities, values, and perspectives become your greatest strength.

  • Facilitated dialogue creates a classroom atmosphere in which exploring uncomfortable issues and asking difficult questions is an expected part of the process, and it allows students space to engage each other without fear of the vitriol common in our public discourse.

    Teresa Grettano, Associate Professor and Director of the First-Year Writing program
    University of Scranton (PA)
  • Lauren Barthold, Endicott College

    I’ve learned that it is not enough to announce my commitment to dialogue and expect students to know what I mean; I need concrete exercises to allow students to learn how to do it.

    Lauren Barthold, Philosophy Faculty
    Endicott College, Massachusetts
  • Authentic conversations will lead people to reflect on their own thinking and transform their perspectives to include that of others.

    Belle Abaya
    The Conflict Resolution Group Foundation, Philippines

A Reckoning in Boston: Free Dialogue Event

On Tuesday, January 18, Greater Boston residents are invited to join Essential Partners and filmmaker James Rutenbeck to engage in open, honest dialogue about the new documentary film, A Reckoning in Boston, and its complex themes. The film premieres on PBS Independent Lens on Monday night, January 17.

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Image: illustration of a sewing machine repairing a US flag

EP in the News: To stop another Jan. 6, we have to disagree

“The violent insurrection that took place on Jan. 6, one year ago, was not just an attempt to halt the peaceful transfer of power,” writes co-Executive Director Katie Hyten. “It represented a collective failure in the practice of our democracy, a warning that we have failed to keep alive those fundamental democratic methods in our social relationships. I am convinced that the bonds we forge in compassion will be stronger than the forces tearing this country apart.”

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