Photo: EP Dialogue Session
Build a community strengthened by differences, connected by trust.

We partner with communities and organizations around the globe, equipping them to navigate the values, beliefs, and identities that are essential to them.

  • Instead of demonizing and dehumanizing the other, we built a deeper connection. The fact that we disagree matters much less. It matters much more that we are neighbors in this community.

    Linda Gryczan, Mediator
    Montana Mediation Association
  • I realized that by using the “dialogue” approach, people could talk of what is deep in their heart, especially things that have harmed them.

    Etionette Nshirmirimana, Burundian Master Trainer
  • Essential Partners is a world treasure, especially for having conversations on oppositional topics, which is very challenging.

    Dr. Shi-Jiuan Wu

Design Better Virtual Meetings and Programs

We cannot simply retrofit our in-person reality to the online space. But we can stay grounded in our shared purpose, and design accordingly.

Photo: Virtual Meeting
Image: Anti-Racism Education (A.R.E.) Project logo

EP in the News: Youth Anti-Racism Education Project

EP-trained high school student Clay Thornton, from North Carolina, will be facilitating dialogues about race for the international Anti-Racism Education (A.R.E.) Project. “Young people are willing to reach out to their families and their friends who are older and have conversations with them about these topics,” said Thornton. “People are going to go to the family dinner table and talk about what they’ve learned.”

Recent Partners

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Logo: Tufts University, Massachusetts
The Poynter Instittue
Logo: Ben Franklin Circles
Chatham Financial Services
American Library Association
Winthrop Rockefeller Institute
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