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Video: National Civic League Panel with EP's John Sarrouf

This difficult conversation is not the first difficult conversation you've had, this conflict is not the first conflict you've had. They won't be the last. Does your community have what it takes to hold that next difficult conversation, to navigate that next conflict together? That's what we at Essential Partners can offer.

John Sarrouf, Co-Executive Director

Essential Partners

The National Civic League invited EP's own John Sarrouf to appear on a virtual panel talk, Bridging Divides through Community Dialogue, to talk about Essentials Partners’ work in civic spaces as well as its post-election support, which stresses the importance of the pre-work necessary before our communities are healthy enough to come together again for meaningful dialogue.

Joining him are NCDD's Courtney Breese, who will discuss the array of organizations and resources available to communities and individuals looking to take on this important task, as well as former mayor Hollie Cost will highlight the lessons learned from deliberative forums in Montevallo, AL.

A writer, translator, and editor, Daniel Pritchard serves as the Director of Strategic Communications for Essential Partners.