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My Political Autobiography: A Values Reflection Worksheet


Partisan political campaigns tell us who to fear and who to trust, who to exclude and how to participate. They have defined the limits of what is possible in our civic life and dictated the terms of our public discussions.

They activate and leverage our many identities—whether it's racial identities or sports fandoms, faith lives or hometowns—in order to cut us off from courageous, open-hearted, honest conversations about our values, our hopes, and our shared future.

Which is just to say: it’s easy to lose yourself in the polarization of partisan politics.

But on the other side of every election, political scandal, and divisive controversy, we will turn back to our fractured communities. We will live, work, pray, and learn together. We will face challenges together. We will rely upon and care about one another.

This resource is designed to help you discover (or re-discover) your truest political self, especially as you navigate or recover from a divisive national election.

Essential Partners invites you to take a step back this week for a reflection on the experiences and relationships that have shaped your core political values and beliefs.

This resource is part of EP's Resisting Political Polarization Curriculum. If you find your community in need of deeper work to heal and come together across differences, reach out to us for a free phone consultation.


John Sarrouf
Katie Hyten