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Nadiya Brock

Associate & Program Development Coordinator
Photo: Nadiya Brock

Nadiya began her work with Essential Partners in 2016 while still a student at Harvard Divinity School. After finishing her Master of Divinity, she joined Essential Partners full-time and now serves as the Program Development Coordinator. She became an EP Associate in 2019 and has worked with a variety of communities, including faith and civic communities as well as colleges and secondary schools.

Nadiya brings with her 13 years of experience training as a Buddhist monastic, during which time she lived and worked internationally with Zen Buddhist communities in South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, and the United States.

Since leaving her ordination, Nadiya has explored the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution as it relates to the unique challenges of ideologically based communities and organizations. She has taught interest-based negotiation to Harvard Law School students through the Harvard Negotiation and Mediation Clinical Program and to executives through the Harvard Negotiation Institute. A mediator in the Massachusetts courts, she is also a trainer and coach for the Harvard Mediation Program.

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