Essential Partners—surprise!—partners with organizations, communities, and funders whose work aligns with our mission to help communities become more cohesive, collaborative, and communicative. Through these strategic partnerships, our work has greater impact and a wider reach.

Our recent partnerships include:

Interfaith Mediation Centre, Nigeria

In a country where more than 20,000 lives have been lost over the past decade to outbreaks of religiously-connected violence, Essential Parters worked with the Interfaith Mediation Centre (IMC) to help build trust between Muslim and Christian communities. Together, we have created a dialogue model to serve as the basis for IMC’s work with religious and civic leaders, women, youth, and people with disabilities. Nearly 2,000 community workers have trained in this model, and these participants have shared their learning with countless other fellow Nigerians. Drawing on their training, our IMC partners are passing along the key tenets and practices of our approach—and making a life-and-death difference in their communities.

Transpartisan Movement Partners

Essential Partners is at the forefront of an emerging transpartisan movement designed to bring collaborative leadership and genuine problem-solving back into focus in public life. We aim to shift the culture of political discourse to reduce polarization and encourage relationships across the aisle. We've partnered with The Bridge Alliance which supports our collaborative approach to amplifying the work of its members to citizens across the country. The Bridge Alliance helps us discover the entire eco-system of organizations working on political reform while strengthening our collective voice.

We have also partnered with the National Institute of Civic Discourse, and No Labels, and others.

Montana Mediation Association

In October 2014, Essential Partners co-sponsored community dialogues with the Montana Mediation Association—made possible by Humanities Montana and the generosity of private donors—in Butte, MT, around gun issues. It’s a topic that can be highly divisive, and Essential Partners and local partners Linda Gryczan and Rose Everett-Martin are working to help community members come together for civil conversations about the issues.

Gordon College and the BioLogos Foundation

In July 2014, practitioners Bob Stains and John Sarrouf worked with Gordon College scientists on the Pastors, Science, and Faith Project. Funded by the BioLogos Foundation, the project aims to provide pastors with the tools to approach issues of science and faith with greater confidence. The weeklong conference at Gordon brought evangelical pastors together with scientists and theologians for discussion and dialogue. Another conference of pastors and scientists is planned for Summer 2015.