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Essential Resources to Combat 2024 Election Polarization

Our slate is set. The 2024 Presidential Election will be a rematch between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump—and is poised to become the most polarizing political contest in living memory. Is your community, school, or institution ready to navigate the division and conflict to come? Better yet, are you ready?

Our 2024 Election resources are designed to interrupt partisan polarization where you live, work, worship, and learn—so we can have healthier, more authentic discourse about the issues that really matter.

This suite includes a set of classroom lessons, a skill-building resource to resist polarization in your own life, and a guide to having less polarized partisan conversations in any context.  

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A Guide to Conversations Across the Partisan Divide

Partisan polarization turns our huge, complicated, diverse country into a two-sided political sport. It is corrosive to our communities, our institutions, our relationships, and makes it impossible to address the many challenges we face together.

Drawing on four decades of real-world experience and research, this guide will equip you to interrupt partisan polarization in your own context and online.

It will help you speak about what is most important to you in ways that can be heard. It will help you hear different views and experiences with openness and curiosity. It may create opportunities to repair trust, reach new understandings, and forge authentic relationships—even across different convictions and perspectives.

2024 Election Curriculum for Middle & High School Classrooms

In schools across the country, educators bear the brunt of rising polarization as they work to develop the dialogue and discussion skills that students need to navigate a complex, diverse, multifaceted future.

As a result of this mini-curriculum, students will be able to discuss difficult, divisive, or explosive political topics with dignity, curiosity, and care.

They'll come to a deeper understanding of the experiences and values that shape their perspectives on the election, practice the art of intentional and resilient listening, and gain competence in structures and tools that can be used to design healthier conversations.

Resisting Polarization: A Four-Part Independent Curriculum

Polarization might look like a shouting match between neighbors. It might look like people avoiding political conversations. Both are harmful.

We have to be able to talk about our hopes, fears, values, and perspectives with dignity and honesty. Polarization does not just damage relationships. It can also make it impossible to co-create policies on issues that matter.

This four-part, scaffolded, self-paced curriculum will help you develop the internal capacities, skills, and confidence you need to become a positive force in conversations around the 2024 election—and beyond.