People in conversation

Parisa Parsa featured in the New York Times

It's that time of year. Fighting across plates full of turkey season. And these days, it seems, partisan rancor has never been uglier.

But there's reason for hope. Today in The New York Times, EP Executive Director Parisa Parsa shares some key elements to have better conversations about hot-button political issues with people who completely, utterly, and unmistakably disagree. Her insights are drawn from three decades of institutional experience and our robust evaluation program.

“We have found that these conversations don’t make people compromise or weaken their positions,” she said. What they can do “is foster respect and affection where once we had seen an adversary.”

Read the complete story at The New York Times website and then download our free Guide to Conversations Across the Red-Blue Divide.

A writer, translator, and editor, Daniel Pritchard serves as the Director of Strategic Communications for Essential Partners.