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Making Difficult Conversations Less Difficult

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There you are—heart rate's up, eyes are dilated, adrenalin's kicking in, jaw tightening.

Maybe you’re the celebrity actor waiting for your big moment in your latest action movie. Maybe you’re about to experience your first skydiving jump. Or maybe you’re just standing, looking over the hedge of cubicles lining the company landscape, and beyond that is the curve of the earth.

Most people might see the Arctic Circle and Antarctica as being polar opposite to each other. Some people might see the United States as being on the opposite side of the planet from China. But we know that our planet is a sphere, and "opposites" and "sides" are all relative.

We tend to live in fixed perspectives, not yet adjusted and molded as a result of different experiences.

Truth is that we don’t know who other people are until we get to know "them." The other team, other cultures, different beliefs and values sprinkled with our own ignorances and assumptions are ingredients that can serve up the perfect storm. In its wake there’s fear, anger and resentment. But at the center of a storm there’s is calm—the silent moment during which all sides of a conflict can be considered.

Finding that space, in quiet reflection, we find chances to communicate, share stories and engage in dialogue. Speaking to this point, Executive Director Parisa Parsa was recently featured on Central Florida's NPR interview show, Friends Talking Faith.

She appeared with The Three Wise Guys: Imam Muhammad Musri, Senior Imam of the Islamic Society of Central Florida; Rabbi Steven Engel; and the Rev. Bryan Fulwider.

Rev. Parsa talked about about faith, difficult conversations and the key to dialogue that can bring positive results. The May 2, 2017 episode titled Faith & Society: Difficult Conversations with the The Rev. Parisa Parsa (Essential Partners).

There just might be celebrity life, skydiving or a trip to Antarctica in your future after all. Either way, step out of your sphere, and conquer fear.