Creating Welcoming Communities: Immigration in America

June 20, 2014

Communities throughout the United States are struggling today with conflicts around growing immigrant populations. This is especially true in areas that are straining to recover from major economic shifts. These communities often experience heightened anxiety that can lead to mistrust, hate crimes, and reluctance of new arrivals to interact with long-time residents.

Public Conversations is working in several cities to build productive and durable community relationships by facilitating conversations that address the fears and concerns of recent immigrants and native-born Americans alike. In Manchester, New Hampshire, Public Conversations partners with Welcoming America and a number of immigrant and refugee-serving organizations to build trust, deepen relationships, and foster collaboration. These efforts include providing facilitation training for local partners, as well as consulting on meeting design and focus groups that speak to the meaning of citizenship.

Public Conversations is committed to helping build strong and diverse communities where all residents feel welcome.

This blog first appeared in the program booklet for Nourish, Public Conversation Project’s annual benefit dinner, held on May 28, 2014.