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Ginny Morrison, JD

Photo: Ginny Morrison

Ginny Morrison is an Associate with Essential Partners. She brings more than 17 years as a conflict transformation professional, trainer and attorney, having earned her law degree from University of California at Berkeley as well as graduate study at the Eastern Mennonite University Center for Justice and Peacebuilding.

Ginny draws on dialogue and other conflict disciplines to strengthen working relationships in prisons and health care organizations, having facilitated dialogues on health policy, integrated medicine, interdisciplinary practice, mental health activism, and post-disaster recovery policy.

Dialogue is also central to her peace and reconciliation work in traumatized societies, where she builds local capacity in dialogic skills and facilitation in interfaith groups in Northern Nigeria, multi-ethnic women’s groups in Liberia, and pastoralists in Kenya. The through-line in her years as a conflict professional, lawyer, journalist and cultural anthropology student is developing individuals’ narratives and working through them to connect us to one another.

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