Support our Abortion Dialogue Project in Alabama

June 19, 2019

For 30 years, Essential Partners has fostered dignity, connection, and communication around divisive issues.

One of those flashpoint topics—abortion—is in the national spotlight again since the Alabama legislature, among others, passed new laws restricting abortion access.

Essential Partners has the opportunity to lead dialogues among pro-life and pro-choice residents of Alabama, to foster more nuanced discussions about the issue and to support mutual understanding across this divide.

We're asking for your support to make this opportunity a reality.

Help us reach our $20,000 goal so we can bring EP’s experts, local journalists, and diverse residents together to show the country that honest, meaningful, civil dialogue is possible.

Will you make a donation of $50 today to support this project?

Watch pro-life and pro-choice leaders talk about the difference EP (then Public Conversations Project) made for them.

"The most important thing I learned from the dialogue is that there is no more fundamental or profound responsibility for a leader than to understand the differences of opinions around you."

—Nicki Nichols Gamble, past President and CEO, Planned Parenthood League of MA

If everyday Americans don’t talk about issues as important as this, how can we expect better national conversations? How can we ask more of the people who represent us?

Help us show the country that a better way is possible.