Faith communities

The Wexner Foundation

In 2017, Essential Partners embarked on a collaboration with the Wexner Foundation. The nonpartisan, interdenominational, and pluralistic Wexner Foundation has focused on the development of Jewish leaders in North America and Israel since its... Learn more

Lexington Interfaith Clergy Association
The Challenge

The Lexington Interfaith Clergy Association (LICA) is a unique and productive organization. LICA is made up leaders from different faith communities in Lexington, Massachusetts, including Catholics, Protestants, Hindus, Jews,... Learn more

BioLogos Foundation

A group of conservative Christian pastors uncovered ways to be curious about science and the natural world.Learn more

Anglican Communion

The Anglican Communion's profound disagreements around homosexuality came to a boiling point. Leadership turned to dialogue to enhance mutual understanding.Learn more

Glendale Presbyterian Church

A church grappling a leadership transition successfully healed division, rebuilt community, and built its capacity to manage conflict. Learn more

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Interfaith Mediation Centre

Amidst escalating religious violence, Christian and Muslim leaders embraced interfaith dialogue in northern Nigeria. Learn more

Minnesota Council of Churches

A Minnesota ballot initiative on same-sex marriage heated up the election season. Could a council of churches encourage respectful conversation without becoming political? Learn more