The Carroll School

The Carroll School is an independent school in Massachusetts dedicated to serving and educating children with language-based learning differences, such as dyslexia. Their mission is to empower young people with learning differences so... Learn more

Photo: Bridgewater College campus
Bridgewater College

In 2012, Bridgewater College launched their Academic Citizenship project, designed to transform campus culture by helping students recognize themselves as empowered members of an academic community.

Underpinning the Academic Citizenship... Learn more

Image via Northeastern University Honors Program
Northeastern Center for Spirituality, Dialogue and Service

How can dialogue shape a community of global citizens?Learn more

Clark University

A university sought to build an inclusive community. That began with a new, more personal conversation about gender and identity. Learn more

Randolph College

When a women's went coed, sides formed and divides deepened. Dialogue invited greater curiosity and empathy across differences in opinion and experience.Learn more

Mount Holyoke Weissman Center for Leadership

A diverse, multigenerational group of women - students, faculty, and community members - harnessed the power of leading by listening.Learn more

Southern Vermont College

Alignement around how to create an inclusive, more diverse campus culture was a challenge. A new conversation helped spark change and a plan.Learn more

Brown University Mediation Project

A campus mediation group gained new skills and amplified benefits from using dialogue to engage a diverse college community.Learn more