Corporate matching gifts

Essential Partners gladly accepts donations from employers who offer to match their employees' charitable contributions. Matching gifts are an excellent way to multiply the impact of any donation at no further cost to the private donor!

To find out if your employer offers a matching gift program: please inquire with their Human Resources or Community Relations staff/departments. To verify our status as an eligible nonprofit, they may request EP's EIN or federal tax ID number, which is 22-3432160. You can also direct them to our verified nonprofit profile on the international charity database, Guidestar. Or, you can direct them to contact our Director of Development, Damien Lally, via email or at 617-923-1216 ext. 23 to confirm directly.

To set up a matching gift from an employer that offers them: simply ask for a matching gift form and send it to EP along with, or in reference to, your original gift. Our staff will follow up with your employer directly to arrange the matching donation. That's it! 

Essential Partners will acknowledge the receipt of any corporate matching gift with your employer and with you personally (in addition to the acknowledgment of your original gift), indicating that no goods or services were exchanged and that all donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Thank you!