Workplace Culture Drives the Numbers

October 17, 2019

In a recent LinkedIn article, international business consultant Paul Er writes that the first, most important role of a business leader is that of workplace culture–creator.

“Our most important job as a leader is to create a culture … We, as leaders set the tone and decide what the team values and stands for, but it's important to note that our culture is brought to life and created by everyone on our team.”

Studies have found that inclusive, open workplace cultures with healthy communication norms achieve more team-wide creativity, individual investment, and mutual accountability. Or, as Er puts it:

“It's not the numbers that drive the culture; it's the culture that drives the numbers.”

Essential Partners' approach gives you the tools to create and sustain an intentional culture. We create unique opportunities for workplace conversations that help people collaboratively design and invest in organizational values and communication norms. Through that process, our model fosters more cohesive, committed, effective, and resilient teams.

Every business faces challenges—markets shift, new competitors emerge, the political landscape changes suddenly. When the going gets tough, a strong workplace culture ensures that your team is ready.

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