Chatham Financial Uses Dialogue to Build a Culture of Civil Discourse

February 4, 2019


Photo: Workplace Dialogue

A report from Harvard Business Review last year found that 90% of American workers would take a cut in pay for the chance to find more meaning at their job. And why not? Many Americans spend more hours at work than they do with their families and friends. It's no wonder people want their work life to feel rewarding.

The workplace is a community.

Over three decades, Essential Partners has collaborated with corporations and nonprofits to help them navigate polarizing conflicts and foster work envornments that embrace diverse identities, views, and values.

Chatham Financial Director of Strategic Initiatives Luke Zubrod, with CEO Mike Brontager, appeared on the Work and Life podcast to talk about how Essential Partners helped refine practices to build a foundation of inclusive, open, civil discourse at their investment firm:

“We brought in an outside firm, Essential Partners, and they've been guiding us. When there's an element of conflict, oftentimes we gravitate toward debate as a way of contending toward some decision or outcome. Dialogue is a much different proposition. The emphasis of dialogue is in understanding the other person's perspective, making sure they have the opportunity to feel heard.”

Listen to the full conversation: