Abortion Conversations Op/Ed by Katie Hyten

November 1, 2019

Alabama's state-wide news outlet, AL.com, published an op/ed today by EP co-Executive Director Katie Hyten, who writes that conversations about abortion are difficult but necessary if we are to expect a higher-quality national conversation among our elected and community leaders.

Americans avoid talking about abortion because it is personal, complicated, and potentially explosive. As a result, though, the more extreme advocates dominate our public conversation, controlling the terms of debate and demanding that we all take sides. Our silence drives polarization on this issue and others like it.

It comes down to this: If everyday Americans don’t talk about issues as important as this one, how can we expect a better national conversation? How can we ask more of the people who represent us?

Soon the Supreme Court will take up the question of abortion access again. No doubt it will spark firey rhetoric from advocates on each side. And no doubt the everyday person, whose views are complex and idiosyncratic, will struggle to be heard.

She offers three guidelines for folks who want to have deeper, more open, more dignified conversations across differing views on abortion. Read the rest of her op/ed at AL.com.