PRESS RELEASE: Essential Partners Launches Website Focused on Dialogue in Higher Education


Cambridge, MA - Essential Partners (EP), a global leader in dialogue across polarized differences of identities, values, and views, has launched a new website that supports the application of its framework to higher education classrooms and campuses.

More information can be found at

Dialogue in the Classroom: an interview with Jennifer West

Can you make space in your class for students to develop a conviction—understand what they believe and why and be willing to share it—and at the same time invite them to hold those convictions with humility—an openness, curiosity, and willingness to listen to others? Can Reflective Structured Dialogue be the method that works that magic?

Major Moments

I’ve been a college professor for over 17 years. I love spending time with young people who are learning how to connect outside of their comfort zone. Freshman might often appear like deer in headlights and shy. But truthfully, they’re curious and ready to take on the world. 


A New Voice, A New Home

It is always hard to leave one’s hometown and settle in a completely different country, especially when you are Asian like me. Spending the most important years in the US was truly difficult but I have nothing to regret.

Footprints Matter

My name is Sara Jean-Francois and I am currently a junior at Providence College, and a student activist on campus. In highschool I was angry about life and how unfair it seemed for people like me. I am a young black woman living at a time in which society continues to disregard and disgrace black bodies.