Pray the Devil Back to Hell

A few weeks ago, I attended Brandeis University Coexistence International's screening of a remarkable, disturbing and ultimately inspiring film, Pray the Devil Back to Hell.  This extraordinary prize-winning documentary (2008) has been screened in more than twenty countries on six continents.  It is an amazing tribute to the power of grassroots activism, telling the story of a group of Liberian women who confronted the warlords and helped bring

Keeping it in the Family

Why can't family businesses disputes be addressed via traditional modes of conflict resolution?  A colleague of the Public Conversations Project, Ashok Pannikar, answers this question in an interesting article in the Indian online journal Newzfirst. Ashok, the founder and executive director of Meta-Culture Consulting in Bangalore, notes that the conflicts that attend generational succession in family businesses frequently arise from impaired relationships.