Reflections from a Teacher

Name-calling. Insults. Hate speech. Fake news. A relentless 24-hour partisan spin cycle. This was the backdrop faced by schools across the United States as the presidential election of 2016 and its aftermath unfolded. In fact, it hasn’t changed much in the fall of 2017. What is a school, charged with preparing the next generation of citizens and doing so in an environment that is safe for all, supposed to do in this situation?


The mid-sized Japanese maple brushes itself against the faded red cedar siding of a corner lot Victorian. Few leaves are left, counting down the days to another long winter. Light rain drops fall gently through the air, making sounds on the concrete sidewalk like a chorus of tiny drummers.

Color Change

True story.

A tourist mother and her 4 year old boy walked through Boston Commons.
The boy asked his mother, “Mommy, can people change their color?”
“No, honey. People can’t change their color. It’s like people can’t change where they’re born.”
The boy thought for just a moment. “Not even adults?”