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Adapting for COVID-19 Social Distancing

As social distancing measures continue across the globe, we face a unique moment of isolation, uncertainty, and disconnection.

Communities are strained by social isolation. Companies and nonprofits are managing a sudden transition to virtual workplaces. Students and teachers face the myriad challenges of an unplanned shift to online learning. Faith groups have lost the power of gathering together. Civic leaders have to find ways to engage and remain responsive to their constituents.

Under the intense stress of this moment, relationships will undoubtedly fray. Communication will break down. Conflicts and frustrations can become pronounced or corrosive.

Intentional communication has become more important now than ever—both to remain connected as human beings and to sustain the roles and institutions that allow society to function.

Essential Partners draws upon years of experience with remote learning and coaching to pursue our mission in this moment.

Our clients and practitioners are located all over the world, so it’s not always possible to be in the same space. Tools like video conferencing, collaborative workspaces, and effective thought partnership have allowed us to support partners as far away as Venezuela and Jordan. Now we’re bringing that expertise to bear on the current crisis.

Here’s what we’re doing to pursue our mission through social distancing:

  • Adapting our open enrollment workshops for digital learning
  • Adding to our current online training and facilitation opportunities
  • Developing new programs to address the challenges of COVID-19
  • Leading free public engagements to mitigate social isolation
  • Providing targeted resources to empower our global community of practice
  • Offering free consultations to institutions and leaders in need of support

For 30 years, we have fostered strong relationships, social cohesion, and good communication practices. We can foster the bonds that make us more human, and encourage a humanity that offers strength and hope in the bleakest moments.

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