Co-Executive Director of Essential Partners, Katie joined EP after completing her graduate studies at Tufts University's Fletcher School, where her research in religious conflicts focused on the need for effective communication in complex political issues. Prior to that, she helped develop the first university-wide interreligious institute at Pepperdine University. At Pepperdine, Katie organized and administered the university's first international program in Israel-Palestine, coordinated the institute’s events, drafted all communications and reporting, and helped develop an educational curriculum around inter-religious issues. Katie has also worked with Search for Common Ground in Lebanon, RESULTS Educational Fund in Washington, DC, and as a mediator in the Massachusetts District Courts. She has completed training in mediation and conflict transformation and was awarded Harvard’s Program on Negotiation (PON) Summer Fellowship in 2013.

Getting to know Katie

What's your favorite book? Les Miserables

Your favorite poem? "may my heart always be open to little birds" by e.e. cummings

What's the best lesson you learned from high school? I moved 12 times before I went to college, and I attended two very different high schools. One of them was relatively rural, with tumbleweeds crossing the track and cows across the street. The other was a bit outside of Washington, D.C. with over 4,000 students from innumerable different backgrounds. So even in high school, I began to recognize the unique value of two very different communities with two very different ideas of what was considered cool or important. I only realized later how rare my experience was - to live in both a rural culture and an urban, more liberal culture, and to recognize myself in each of them.