Dialogue isn’t just a tool—it fosters new way of being together. Facilitated dialogue allows for respectful disagreement, increased trust, and productive collaboration. Essential Partners offers Dialogue Facilitation, Meeting Design and Facilitation (including retreats and conferences), and support for organizations or communities developing their own dialogue initiatives or programs.

Facilitated dialogue for your community or organization could mean eight people in a circle exploring their differences in creative and constructive ways. It could be an auditorium full of concerned community members, or an entire university searching for a better way to talk about difficult topics. Regardless of the setting, successful dialogue requires careful planning and a deep understanding of individuals’ experiences and a group's dynamics.

Working in close collaboration with you or your team, Essential Partners’ practitioners will design a program of facilitated conversations, meetings, and/or trainings that help you accomplish your goals. No matter the size or scope of the gathering, all our work features facilitated conversations structured to engage a group or community in new ways.

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