Dialogue and Campus Free Speech at the Heterodox blog

October 21, 2019


Today at the Heterodox Academy blog, Essential Partners faculty associate Dr. Jill DeTemple published a short article about the many benefits of the dialogic classroom—and in particular its ability to encourge more open, honest, inclusive class discussions of polarizing topics. She writes:

“Students [in Dialogic Classrooms] report a greater resiliency and comfort with listening to viewpoints that differ from their own, something I have witnessed first-hand as my students have talked together about guns in American society, the death penalty, homosexuality in religious contexts, and government roles in human reproduction. They certainly don’t agree about these things, but given the right structure, they can speak, and listen, about them. Nothing blows up.”

Of course, the Dialogic Classroom isn't just a way of promoting healthier, free public discourse. It also improves learning outcomes, student participation in class, and students' sense of community at the institution.

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